Re-Elect Aquino Board of Education
The Columbia Flyer and Howard County Times Endorse Frank Aquino for Board of Education

Diane Mikulis adds her support to Frank,read what she has to say here.
There are many ways that you can contribute and help support my campaign!

Here are some fun activities for you and your family

  • Host a coffee/fund raiser in your home (or elsewhere)
  • March in a parade (a fun kid centered activity)
  • Place an Aquino for Board of Education sign on your lawn or in your window
  • Help distribute materials in your neighborhood
  • Walk door to door in your neighborhood with Frank
  • Work a polling place on Election Day, November 2nd
  • Telephone friends and family to publicize Frank's campaign
  • Allow us to use your name in advertisements as a supporter of Frank.

I have a really nice PDF form or if you prefer, here is an HTML Version that you can print and mail to me. Thank you in advance for helping out.

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