Re-Elect Aquino Board of Education
The Columbia Flyer and Howard County Times Endorse Frank Aquino for Board of Education

Diane Mikulis adds her support to Frank,read what she has to say here.
Great Schools Make A Great Community & Great Communities Make Great Schools

Education is an economic driver of Howard County and the County's investment in public education helps make Howard County a great community in which to raise a family.

  • Attracting and Retaining Highly Qualified Education Professionals.
    • Excellent educators are essential to our success
    • Howard county should be the employer of choice for teaching professionals and administrators
    • Our success will continue to be our best marketing tool
  • Making the Best Use of Financial Resources to Better Serve the Community.
    • We must continue to invest where necessary and seek efficiencies where possible, as financial stewards of the community we must spend wisely
  • Ensuring That Every Student Is Able to Maximize Their Educational Opportunities and Perform at the Highest Possible Level of Achievement.
    • Every student should have an opportunity to excel
    • Mandated assessment requirements must be met or surpassed
  • Technological Improvement in Educational Instruction.
    • We should always be looking for the most effective methods of instruction, including making the most of available technology
  • Equal Opportunities for All Students.
    • Regardless of economic status, educational background or disability
  • Increasing Public Involvement in Education.


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