I am proud to support Frank Aquino for re-election to the Board of Education of Howard County.

As a former chairman and member of the BOE, Frank and I worked together for two years. His fairness, openness and true desire to hear all sides of an issue impressed me. He always looked for solutions that would best serve the nearly 50,000 students in the county.

Frankís legal and business background have given him a strong foundation for looking a the business side of education. He often asked questions others had not thought of. And his educational activism and experience as a father enable him to see issues from the perspective of whatís best for students.

The BOE operates as a board, so having each member involved is critical. Frank has always wanted to hear all opinions before making decisions. As chairman, he acted as a facilitator in Board discussions and did not push his own views upon the group.

While he is proud of the school systemís success, he is not content to let things be. Frank is committed to making our school system even better and will spend the next four years working on it.

Diane Mikulis
Board of Education 2004-08
Chairman 2006-07