Re-Elect Aquino Board of Education
The Columbia Flyer and Howard County Times Endorse Frank Aquino for Board of Education

Diane Mikulis adds her support to Frank,read what she has to say here.

Keep Education the Pride of Howard County

Dear Friends:

Howard County is identified by its reputation for providing high quality educational opportunities for its residents. The prospect of receiving a high quality education is what makes Howard County a magnet for families relocating to the area and plays a significant role in the County's economy. I believe that we cannot afford to let that reputation become tarnished.

Education is an economic driver of the county and Howard County 's investment in public education helps make Howard County a great community in which to raise a family and Great Schools Make A Great Community. It's one thing to get to the top and another to maintain our position as the best public school system in Maryland while making system improvements that will continue to challenge all students academically. Excellence in public education is just one of many quality of life issues that make Howard County a great place to live. Now is not the time to rest on our accomplishments. There are still issues that require attention. We must ensure that we Keep Education the Pride of Howard County.

-- Frank Aquino

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